Friday, 2 December 2011


I have a lot to update you on, both real-life and simming! I don't like to post for every little thing I do, as to not flood your timelines!

Number one:
Regarding my last post, I did end up going to my friend's birthday and having a lot of fun! I even stayed later than expected... I guess it's just in my nature to worry about things.. A LOT.

Number two:
Last week I entered my assignment two for SNTM. I was pretty happy with it...

... and I got tied 5th! I was esctatic, considering there are 17 AMAZING editors in that competition!
The judges said the pose and dress weren't quite "couture", and I completely agree.

Number three:
I also entered a picture for Sensation Magazine's Battle of The Babes yesterday. I entered my picture in the 'Nature Chic' category. I really like it :)

Finally, number four:
Here's a little bit from RL.
I'm very pleased because my school have offered me a provisional place at their sixth form! For those who don't know what a sixth form is here in England, when you leave secondary school (high school) at 16, you move onto and atudy at a sixth form/college until you are 18.
My predicted grades are straight As and if I get them when I get my final results in next August, I will be able to do the courses I want, which are: A-Level Biology, Chemistry, Geography and English Language & Literature. (I also have to do an extended project which is worth half an A-Level).
So I'm pretty excited for that. I'll be sad when I leave school in May, but everyone has to move on, right? :)

ANYWAY... enough of me rambling. I need to go and finish my 'GJWHF' scores.
So ciao! xo

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