Thursday, 19 January 2012


So continuing on from my last post...
I tried out for PINK with my model Willow (remember her?). We had to create a B&W headshot and a creative bodyshot, and I love both of them.

Here are my pictures, and I am so proud of them <33

I also got lots of pictures which didn't make the final cut. And Willow is just SO gorgeous and I love her to absolute bits.
So here goes my picspam!
The first two pictures I edited, the rest I didn't (because I couldn't be bothered!)

I just love her!!

I never thought she'd be a great fashion model, but I thought I'd try her out, and I am definitely glad I did!


Come to a decision...

I've decided to stay in the modelling community. I guess I was just feeling a bit.. put out.. and now after a thinking about it a lot, I've come to decision that I will not give up.
If I give up, I will never improve, and I will never satisfy that need that I have. Even though modelling can be stressful, I find that the pros overweigh the cons. Plus, I really do enjoy it - I've got attached to the community, and I think I would have withdrawal symptoms if I left! lol

I've put a plan in action to improve my skills.
I've joined Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cycle 4, the Teen Edition. It's the best competition to improve in-game shots, and it is a great competition.

Here is my lovely model Serena.

For assignment one, we had to show what our model did on her first day of senior year.
I had a long description with this photo, but I lost it. Basically, Serena met up with her friends Kat (the redhead) and Flo (the blonde). They went to their first class together, where Serena saw the new guy and fell head over heels in love!

I think that the picture could have been improved a lot, but overall I was happy with it.

We also had the option of doing a bonus picture, where we could get 5 extra points if the picture was super creative. We had to show how our model picked her first day outfit. Again I had a description with this but lost it. Basically Serena opened a present she had wrapped for her sister's birthday, and wore the outfit that was inside of it (with the intention of wrapping it up again without her noticing).

I was SO pleased when scores were out. I was tied 9th out of 29 with 90/100 points. I got 4.5 points for my bonus too, which means I secured my place as 9th on the roster. I don't think I'll stay there, but hopefully this competition will help me improve! <3


Now we are on Assignment 2. We had to show the first time our model saw her crush. Since I had done that in my first assignment, I showed my model interacting with her crush for the first time.

I spent that entire 20 minutes of homeroom staring at that gorgeous mystery boy. I didn’t even notice when my name was called out, much to the amusement of Kat and Florence. I soon learnt his name was Alex Williamson, and he had transferred from Michigan. I didn’t get to talk to him though, until a few days later.
All the seniors hang out around the back of the school when we have free periods. It isn’t the nicest place to hang out – what with its graffiti and smell – but it’s a Miami High tradition.
Anyway, Alex happened to rock up to our hangout one day. We happened to get chatting, and his cute, happy and flirty personality just cemented my already strong love for him. We exchanged numbers, and I threw him a ‘call me’ sign as he waved at me as he headed to his next class. Flo giggled at this, but Kat was too busy making googly eyes at her boyfriend to notice!

I'm much happier with this assignment, hopefully the judges will be too!

Bonus-wise, we had to present our model and their crush in a photobooth. The points would be ranked on cuteness.
Alex called me a couple of days later, asking if we wanted to head out the nearest amusement centre. Of course I agreed immediately. We had a great time, eating ice cream sundaes, playing foosball and generally having a good time. Alex spotted a photobooth and suggested we took some pictures to remember this amazing day by.

May I just add, that this photo makes me squeal with cuteness everytime I see it?


I've also tried out for the third cycle of PINK. It doesn't mean I have a place in the competition, but I've put forward my case for Bliss to accept me! It is an incredible editing competition, so hopefully I can improve in that area too.
I will show my entry in the following post, with a picspam of my gorgeous model!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I don't really know what I'm writing here.. I guess I need to get some thoughts and feelings out and this post might not make a lot of sense (I apologise for that), but hopefully this will make me feel better afterwards.

I'm having doubts about me modelling in the sims community. For several reasons.
I've been modelling for around a year and a half now, but I don't see a lot of improvement from when I first started modelling. My pictures still look kinda crap compared to other people's I see. There's people who joined only a couple of months ago and are far more incredible editors than I could ever be. The improvements they have made astound me, and honestly put me to shame. I look at them, and it gets me so down, because I have had much time to improve, yet I haven't seen myself progress much at all.
I feel like I'm not worthy to be modelling. That sounds dramatic I know, but it's what I'm truly thinking. I don't deserve to be there, because I will never be an amazing modeller or editor like so many I see. Someone may be in the same comp as me, and I enter a picture that I think looks pretty good, until I see their one and it blows mine out of the water. I guess it makes me feel a bit depressed.

I mean, even my favourite picture I've ever done got 10th out of 12th in a competition. That just puts into perspective my entire modelling career.
The only time I won a modelling comp was when the person I was competing against disappeared, and so I won by default. And the time I was a finalist in Nature's Finest? Heh, I was only there because someone dropped every round.

Some people are insanely good at in-game pictures. Some people are stunning editors.
But me? I'm neither. I mean, my in-games are not that good at all. My graphics card is terrible, and just makes my pictures 1000x times worse. And I can't really edit. Yeah sure I can cut and paste a sim on a background. But I can't skin-shade, draw makeup, clothing or hair. I can't make a sim look like they're somewhere they are not. I can't produce gorgeous lighting effects or dazzling pictures.
I'm just there. Trying so hard to be good, when I know I'll never be.

This has been chipping away at me for a little while now. Everytime I enter a picture more doubt creeps into my mind. And now I just feel.. I just feel like complete crap.
I don't mean to be depressing you guys, but I just need to get this out, to someone who understands what I'm talking about.

I want to give up. I just feel like I need to leave the community, even just for a little bit.
But I can't. I feel like I need to prove myself to people.

I'll probably feel like a complete and utter idiot tomorrow for posting this. Please don't feel obliged to comment, because that's not why I wrote this. You can if you want, of course, but that's not my main motivation for writing this. I'm not fishing for compliments either, because I HATE when people do that. I just needed to get this out. That's all.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years Resolutions :)

HAPPY 2012 everyone! :D
I hope you all have a fulfiling and happy year ahead.

This year is going to be crazy for me, but possibly the best year of my life so far. This is because:

1) I have my 16th birthday in March
2) I have my final exams in May - June
3) My prom in July
4) The London Olympics! They're pretty close to me, and I want some tickets to see some events :)
5) Hopefully going on holiday to somewhere in the Mediterranean
6) Going camping with family friends
7) Getting my final GCSE results in August
8) Starting Sixth Form in September

Phew! I'm looking forward to it though, I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be a good year :D

I just need somewhere to list my New Years Resolutions (hence the title of this post), and I thought, where better than here?!

1) Do more exercise - I need to get fit!
2) Try to keep my room tidy - my room looks like a bomb hit it!
3) Hopefully win modelling competition! I know I won Aqua, but I actually won it by default, because my competitor went MIA -_-

So... yeah. You probably aren't interested, but hey, I just thought I'd tell you.
Have a great day/week guys! :) xo