Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years Resolutions :)

HAPPY 2012 everyone! :D
I hope you all have a fulfiling and happy year ahead.

This year is going to be crazy for me, but possibly the best year of my life so far. This is because:

1) I have my 16th birthday in March
2) I have my final exams in May - June
3) My prom in July
4) The London Olympics! They're pretty close to me, and I want some tickets to see some events :)
5) Hopefully going on holiday to somewhere in the Mediterranean
6) Going camping with family friends
7) Getting my final GCSE results in August
8) Starting Sixth Form in September

Phew! I'm looking forward to it though, I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be a good year :D

I just need somewhere to list my New Years Resolutions (hence the title of this post), and I thought, where better than here?!

1) Do more exercise - I need to get fit!
2) Try to keep my room tidy - my room looks like a bomb hit it!
3) Hopefully win modelling competition! I know I won Aqua, but I actually won it by default, because my competitor went MIA -_-

So... yeah. You probably aren't interested, but hey, I just thought I'd tell you.
Have a great day/week guys! :) xo

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