Friday, 30 December 2011

New model + updates

I had an urge yesterday to go around and download loads of sliders for CAS, so I did. I found some great ones, and I thought I'd put them to the test by creating a new sim. And thus... Willow Moore was born.
I've pretty much fallen in love with her! She's quite different from my other sims for some reason - I can't work out what it is but I really like it. I've also really developed a personality and back story for her, which I don't tend to do normally.

Anyway, presenting the lovely Willow...

Willow was barely a month old when she was abandoned by her mother and left on the side of a road in the busy city of Bridgeport. Luckily, she was found, and taken to the nearest hospital to be cared for. The nurses suspected that the mother might have been quite young and was struggling to cope looking after a newborn baby, and they named this fragile little girl Willow, for she was very pale and fair and delicate.
Soon enough, Willow was adopted by a beautiful family in Riverview and grew up fairly happy. However, Willow finds it very hard to trust people and tends to push them away, for she thinks that if she never had their love in the first place, it wouldn't hurt as much when they left her. She has no close friends and prefers to spend her time reading a book under the tree she is named after.
Now aged 18, Willow wants to track down her mother in Bridgeport. But to get a flight to the city, she needs money. Money she doesn't have. That is why she is modelling - not for fame, not for wealth, but for answers. For family.

Haha, reading that bio through I realise how dramatic it sounds. LOL xD

What else has been going on?

Well, I won round 6 of the Unbound Open Competition with that winter picture I did. I was very surprised! It turned out to be a close vote, as I won by just one point!
Bliss made this lovely signature for me, which I will wear proudly and display with others over there ---->.

I also just reserved a space for Cycle 4 of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It was one of the comps I was waiting for - having judged last cycle I realised how fun it was, and I really wanted to part of it this time. It's also a Teen Edition, which is exciting as I've never taken part in a teen comp!
I need to create a simmy, and I think I'll do that tomorrow and put my new sliders to good use!



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