Thursday, 29 March 2012

Long overdue.

Updates, of course! Just realised I haven't updated for 18 days  I'm sure you have missed me ;)

Le Raunche Assignment 6 - Jeans Advert
Willow Moore
I actually love my assignment so much. It was so simple, yet I think it is one of my all-time favourites.
And I completely overuse that pose on my ladies, even though it was made for men.

And I came second! :)

Le Raunche Assignment 7 - Neon Headshot
Willow Moore
I'm not particularly fond of this photo. I think I could have done a lot better, as heavy editing is not my strong point.

And here was the before shot:
I got somewhere in the midfield, which I was expecting to be honest. I just want to build up as many points as possible in each assignment, as the next assignment is the last and I really want to be in the top three!

PINK Assignment 5 - Boxes as props
Willow Moore
We were given a prop (which was a set contain stylised boxes) and we had to incorporate it in the photo, leaving free rein for the styling, set and theme. I went for an attic theme, and I was really happy with the CC I found. It really looked like an attic, and now I'm inspired to create attics to my in-game simmies, although they can't use it for anything xD
Anyway, here is my picture:

I was extremely pleased with it, and came second! I've been up and down the scoreboard like crazy in this comp, now I just hope I can maintain these high scores, instead of dropping near the bottom again.

I'll let you in on something though: I have NEVER come first in an assignment. NEVER. So I guess I'm just getting a bit frustrated now that I keep getting second and not first... but I can't take second for granted, as it is really a great score!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Finale - Graduation, Yearbook Superlatives and Adult Headshot
Serena Van Houston
Yes, these were my very last photos for GJWHF! I've learnt a lot about in-games during this competition, and for that I am grateful!

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