Sunday, 4 March 2012


Woohoo, I'm finally 16 years old!

Not much has changed since I was fifteen, I still can't legally much stuff, except for entering the lottery.. or.. having relations, if you get what I mean (not that I'm going to, of course!!)

I had a good weekend though, on Saturday I had a day out with my friends. We ate at the amazing Nandos, and then chilled out in our local park. Sounds boring I know, but when my friends are around there's never a dull moment hehe. Then I came home and had chinese takeaway with my immediate family.
Then today I had a meal with my immediate & extended family, so I've had a very good weekend.
Shame my birthday is sandwiched between two very important maths exams! :(

While I'm here, I might as well update you with some competition stuff...

PINK Assignment 3
We had to create a lingerie ad, interacting with another model(s).
Just got scores and I came third! I'm really pleased, I have vastly improved from my awful first round in this competition!

Le Raunche Assignment 4
We had to create a runway shot. I have seen many done before in the modelling world, but I never attempted one myself. However, I like how my jungle-themed shot came out!
I got 6th place for this, which I am happy about, as I'm improving and that's all that really matters :)

Anyway, I have to do some more maths revision (GROAN) so I'll talk to you later! :D

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