Thursday, 23 February 2012


I JUST SAW SCORES FOR PINK AND I FRIKIN' GOT SECOND!!!!! Aaaaaaaah I'm so happy! I was NOT expecting that, especially in a competition with people who are way better than me! Seriously, I'm over the moon right now, I think this has given me a bit more confidence in my work.

And... breathe.

Well, what else has been happening?
I can now show you my Le Raunche Assignment 3. I did have to rush it, so it isn't my best work. Willow is portraying the stereotypical high school 'nerd'.
Score-wise, for last assignment (the CD cover) I came third, which like PINK, I'm very happy with! :D

I actually haven't really been on the internet since Sunday. My life has been insanely busy lately! School, exams, homework & coursework, simming pictures, fundraising, concerts etc. have whipped my life into a frenzy. This is actually the first time I have properly relaxed for a long while. Phew :3

I need to work on my GJWHF assignment, but I think I will do that tomorrow and just enjoy my moment of peace hehe x

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